Who is Dori Ray?


Dynamic, Powerful, Authentic and Inspiring are a few words her audience and colleagues have chosen to describe her. In her own words, “She’s just a girl from the hood who wants to do good!”  Her compelling message of hope has inspired thousands of people around the world.  Her audience leaves feeling informed, encouraged, but most of all empowered to action. On countless occasions,  she has been credited for helping people to have their “Lightbulb Moment!”  She sees beauty in everyone and is not afraid to tell them!

Dori is the middle of 3 children born to Richard and Joyce Ray.  She is a native Philadelphian.   She currently lives with her two daughters Cori & Aaliyah.  She was different from “Day 1″!    At an early age she was labeled “mentally gifted”.  She received the best that the Philadelphia Public Schools had to offer.  She attended J.R. Masterman starting in the 4th grade. After her 9th grade graduation, she attended The Philadelphia High School For Girls.  She graduated in 1982 and was a proud member of the Class of 226!!!  She received her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Howard University in 1986.  While at Howard, she discovered so many things about life and has made friendships that have lasted over 3 decades.  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – Alpha Chapter and Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity- Iota Rho Chapter.  

Dori began her corporate career with INROADS/Philadelphia, Inc. an organization dedicated to the advancement of minority youth. After 5 years of service to INROADS, she spent the next 10 years selling Pharmaceuticals for various fortune 500 Pharmaceutical companies.  This is when she stopped chasing purpose and starting chasing money.  While enjoying a “successful” and lucrative career,  Dori encountered depression; a disease that would haunt her for decades and ultimately be the launching pad of her life’s mission and ministry, BrandNewEveryMorning.   In 2000, Dori was introduced to the Network Marketing Industry by her cousins Vernon & Pamela Robinson.   This is where she learned about the importance of pursuing passion and letting the money chase her!  She enjoyed 14 years of life changing moments, most of which she shared with The Making A Difference Team, under the leadership of her business mentors Valencia Pamphile and Art Lee.  The lessons she learned while building a strong team have been invaluable.  But, more importantly,the people she met along the way made the journey worthwhile.  Those who have had the opportunity to get to know her intimately knows that she loves to a detriment and has a strong desire to see everyone find “that thing” that makes their life have meaning.

As a motivational speaker and teacher, she coaches individuals on how to stay connected to their purpose by staying focused and overcoming obstacles….the story of her life.   She uses her unique brand of humor, humility and raw honesty to help people to understand that broken things can be mended and with every day comes new mercy! Her audiences find her trainings to be exciting, relevant, and just downright REAL!  From the youngest child to high level professionals….she has the gift to connect!

Dori credits her success first to God., who is the head of her life.   Sometimes she “wondered why He chose her”, but has finally embraced her journey,  her message and her ministry.  Secondly, her Father and Mother, Richard and Joyce Ray, who made every sacrifice necessary to provide a stable and loving home that helped to build a foundation that could not be cracked, even in the worst of time. Third, her siblings, Tracey & Russell,  who when she hit rock bottom, provided the tough love that gave her the strength to get back up. Her Niece and Nephew, Aminia & Miles, who loved her even when her hair was sticking straight up and her eyes were bugging out!  Her village, and it is HUGE, who embraced her through the good and bad times.  You know who you are and you know what you did!   Last, but certainly not least, her daughters, Cori & Aaliyah, who have been her life-line and when everything else was dark, her reason to try one more time.   Thank you.


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Dori has over 25 years of experience in Training & Development.  She is a highly sought after Speaker who leaves her audiences feeling inspired & empowered.  Dori is a life- long learner and overcomer.   Her long-awaited book, “A Girl Named Chosen,”  is due to be released in the winter of 2014.  Dori currently works for the Mayor’s Office in Philadelphia as a Pre/Post Release Trainer.  In this capacity she assists Returning Citizens prepare to Re-enter the work force.  She is also committed to the fight against Mass Incarceration and Mental illness in the Black Community.  


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS. Your determination and efforts are paying off. You are writing your story and you hold the pen. Continue writing, sharing, reaching high, dreaming deep, staying focused and never quit. Proud of you young lady

    • Bevy B! You know I love your lady!!! I know I could not appreciate it at the time but you put the “L” in Love in action! Thank you for caring enough about me to make that important phone call. Thanks even more for coming back to pick me up the next day when I talked my way out of there! LOL. You and Robin almost got a beat down, but I was too wacked out! Thanks!

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